Second gentleman Doug Emhoff shares information about VP Harris that most Americans don't know

 February 23, 2024

The second gentleman Doug Emhoff, husband to Vice President Kamala Harris, recently shared with the public some tidbits of information about his wife and their marriage that most Americans probably aren't fully aware of, People magazine reported.

Those revelations came during a rapid-fire segment on the Bravo network's "Watch What Happens Live!" program hosted by Andy Cohen.

Emhoff revealed Harris' taste in music, heralded her cooking, spoke of her humorous impressions of his elderly mother, asserted how "family-oriented" she was, and praised her career history of "public service."

Harris loves old-school hip-hop, cooking, and impersonating her elderly mother-in-law

Cohen asked Emhoff to share with the audience a "top five" list of "things you may not know about the vice president." The second gentleman first revealed that VP Harris "loves old-school hip-hop," particularly from the "Bay Area" in California where she hails from, and further confirmed that she sometimes calls him "Dougie," as in old-school rapper Doug E. Fresh, who once made an appearance at a "hip-hop party" they hosted.

"She is an amazing, amazing chef" who "loves to cook," he continued, and when asked by Cohen about the rumors that Harris prepares and freezes sauces for Emhoff ahead of out-of-town trips, Emhoff admitted, "There are some waiting for me."

"She does an incredible impersonation of my 83-year-old Jewish mother, Barb," he said as he tried to mimic Harris. "'Look at you. Look --' and so she’s incredible at impersonations."

Harris a "family-oriented" person dedicated to "public service"

Emhoff also said Harris "loves, loves, loves her family, like she’s so family-oriented," and proceeded to reveal that she had recently officiated the wedding of his son Cole to girlfriend Greenley Littlejohn, and added, "and she just loves being around her family."

Finally, the second gentleman claimed the vice president "has been a public servant her entire career. She's never done anything else but serve the people and do things to try and make our lives better, so that's the main thing about her that I love so much."

Indeed, People magazine noted that Harris' career as a public servant began in California's Alameda County as a deputy district attorney, followed by a stint as the San Francisco district attorney, then as the California attorney general, after which she served as a U.S. senator from California before being tapped as President Joe Biden's running mate in 2020 when her own presidential campaign flamed out prior to the start of the primary election season.

Emhoff was "unimpressed" with Cohen's mockery of Pence family

While second gentleman Emhoff's appearance on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live!" was a generally lighthearted affair, there was at least one moment when host Cohen seemed to take his snarky partisan humor a bit too far for Emhoff's liking, according to The Recount.

Cohen asked Emhoff about the post-2020 election transition and whether former second lady Karen Pence helped him get situated in the role as the vice president's spouse, to which Emhoff replied, "She did, actually. She was great," and added, "There’s only so few people you can talk to about being in these roles, and she was one of them. And she was -- she was very helpful."

The host then sarcastically shouted "Mommy!," an allusion to former Vice President Mike Pence's habit of referring to his wife, the matriarch of the Pence family, as "Mother."

The Recount observed that Emhoff was less than pleased with that particular outburst, and described him as having a rather "unimpressed facial expression" in response to Cohen's subtle mockery of the former second couple.

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