Doocy presses Psaki on container ship issue, asks what the administration is doing about it

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki typically has an easy time dealing with a vast majority of the mainstream media reporters who cover the administration, with the notable exception of Fox News’ Peter Doocy.

According to The Daily Wire, Doocy, who is virtually the only journalist in the room willing to ask the tough questions, nailed Psaki to the wall with a variety of questions regarding several current issues the administration is facing, including the unfolding issue regarding a backlog of container ships sitting off the U.S. West Coast.

What did he say?

When it was time for his questions, Doocy held nothing back and didn’t quiz Psaki about the flavor of ice cream the president might be enjoying on that particular day. Instead, he asked Psaki why there’s a container ship backup off the port of Los Angeles when there were early warnings that such a situation might unfold.

“There are a half a million containers floating off the California coast with nowhere to go, major issues in the global supply chain right now. The vice president warned that this could happen in August. So, why wasn’t more done to prepare?” Doocy asked.

Psaki clearly didn’t have the best response ready for the question, as Doocy noted a quote from Vice President Kamala Harris earlier this year in which she warned Americans if they wanted Christmas toys for their kids this year they should start buying them now, “because the delays could be many, many months.”

The press secretary insisted that the Biden administration has a “task force” looking at the situation, and added they “have taken a range of steps to work to address” the issue.

She went on to blame COVID-19 for the disruption in the supply chain and somehow pivoted to bragging about the United States being the top supplier of COVID-19 vaccines worldwide, which was clearly an attempt to derail the questioning.

Doocy doubles down

Of course, Doocy, who has been at the forefront of challenging Psaki and the current administration, didn’t let her get away that easy. He followed up by reminding Psaki that it’s more than just COVID-19 causing the backlog, adding that it’s also labor shortages and shipping line disruptions on land.

“The president recognizes that there are several, several layers of the challenge here that contribute to the bottleneck,” Psaki finally admitted, adding that the administration has appointed a special “White House Ports Envoy” to work with U.S. Transporation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who has remained largely silent and absent on the pressing issue.

Doocy would go on to challenge Psaki on several additional topics of interest — topics that other reporters in the room were apparently too afraid to broach.

It often feels like that without Doocy in the White House, the Biden administration — which ran on a “transparency” ticket in the 2020 election — would conveniently keep America in the dark as it faces an almost never-ending supply of issues that it can’t seem to handle or fix.

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