Donald Trump’s approval rating among Hispanic voters soars amid shutdown

Even amid a government shutdown over immigration, President Donald Trump’s approval rating among Hispanics is soaring.

Trump’s approval rating among Hispanics has improved 19 percent, according to the president, bringing his overall approval among the demographic to a whopping 50 percent.

The Big Swing

When an approval rating swings from 31 percent to 50 percent in a specific demographic, people start to take notice.

Most pundits expected Trump’s support among Hispanics, which has always been absurdly high for a Republican, to plummet amid the shutdown — especially as Dems like Nancy Pelosi have labeled Trump as racist because of his immigration policies.

But it seems as though the Hispanic voters that came into this country legally do not appreciate when migrants try to circumvent the process they had to go through.

Waning Support Among Base

Still, while this should be good news for Mr. Trump, it does come at a price.

The poll from which Trump pulled his numbers was apparently the most recent NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist Survey.

While his numbers among Hispanics were very good in this poll, there was a noticeable drop in support among most of his key base demographics.

For instance, his Republican approval rating dropped by 7 percent, to 83 percent.

His support among white Evangelicals also declined by 7 percent.

The biggest drop among male voters was with his approval rating among suburban men, which dropped from 51 percent to 42 percent.

Trump also lost support with white women without a college degree, plummeting 11 points in approval rating and 24 points overall, as his disapproval rating went from 34 percent to 47 percent.

This is something that could quickly reverse if Trump is able to get his wall built and further his MAGA agenda.

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However, while he may be happy about Hispanic support, that uptick will not make up for the support he has lost in his key demographics come election day.

Republicans better take note and get behind their president, or they are all but guaranteed to turn over the White House to a Democrat come January 2021.

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