Donald Trump, Jr. brings Wisconsin rally crowd to their feet

Donald Trump Jr. may not be a politician, but he sure seems like a natural.

During a rally for his father in Green Bay, WI last week, Don Jr. got the crowd riled up for his dad with three short sentences: “No collusion. No obstruction. No s**t!”

Another Huge Crowd

Unlike the unimpressive attendance levels we have seen at Democrat events, President Donald Trump continues to set records at some of the country’s largest arenas.

While the weather was not ideal, it did not keep the residents of Wisconsin away from their president.

The goal of the night was to expose the Democrats for their witch hunt and continue to generate more excitement for the president ahead of Election Day 2020.

And Don Jr. certainly played his part.

Take a look:

Calling Out Democrats

Lack of evidence of collusion and obstruction were not the only things that Democrats were called out on for during the weekend rally.

When the president took the stage, he went right after new Democrat Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers.

A bill backed the GOP in the state regarding care for babies who survive late-term abortions is headed to Gov. Evers desk.

The legislation would make it mandatory for health care professionals to do everything in their power to care for the child and keep it alive.

Sadly, the governor plans on vetoing that bill.

This is the evil that is the Democratic Party these days.

Not only are they legislating that it is okay to terminate a baby late in a pregnancy, but now they are saying if the baby somehow survives the attempt to take its life, they can still kill it.

With so many people who are unable to have babies hoping for the chance to adopt a child, this is just sheer lunacy and pure evil.

When Democrats passed their late-term abortion bill in New York, they literally had a party to celebrate, and even painted the city pink in defense of women’s rights.

They authorized the murder of children and then, they celebrated. If that doesn’t motivate you to vote Republican in the next election, nothing will.

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