Donald Trump trolls Lindsey Graham during campaign event

July 2, 2023
Robert Ayers

Former President Donald Trump had a few laughs at U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham's (R-SC) expense on Saturday. 

Trump did so, according to the Washington Examiner, at a 2024 campaign event that was held in Graham's home state of South Carolina.

Graham was in attendance, and, it would be an understatement to say that it was a difficult outing for Graham.

Not only did Graham get trolled by Trump, but Graham also faced loud and continuous boos from the crowd of Trump supporters. It had to be one of Graham's more awkward events considering that he - along with the crowd - was there to support Trump.

The odd man out

Before Trump got on the stage to deliver his speech, Graham said a few words of his own. And, that is when the booing from the crowd began.

When Graham first got on the stage, he paused as he could not get himself heard over the boos. "Welcome to Pickens. … Thanks a bunch," Graham finally said as the crowd continued booing.

Graham, nonetheless, proceeded with his remarks, saying:

Well, you wanna find something in common? Calm down for just a second. I think you'll like this. Pickens County has more Medal of Honor winners per capita than any place in the nation. I was born in this county. I live 15 miles down the road. This is a place where people pay the taxes, fight the wars and tell you what they believe. How many of you believe that Donald Trump was a great president?

Here, the crowd briefly let out some cheers, but it quickly went back to booing. And, this is how things went for the duration of Graham's roughly 5-minute speech.

The booing did not stop when Graham finished either. If anything, the booing got louder as Graham left the stage. Many even gave him a thumbs down.

"We need those liberal votes . . ."

Once Graham finished, it was time for the main event: Trump's speech. When Trump first got on the stage, he tried to rally some support for Graham.

"We're going to love him. I know, it's half and half," Trump said, by which he presumably meant that Graham is half Republican and half Democrat.

"But, when I need some of those liberal votes, he's always there to help me get 'em," Trump continued. "We got some pretty liberal people, but he's good. We know the good ones. We know the bad ones, too."

Later on in his speech, Trump, once again, made reference to Graham, and, once again, the crowd booed.

"I'm gonna have to work on these people," Trump joked.

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