Donald Trump surprised millions by proving himself to be pro-life

Are people finally starting to wake up about Donald Trump’s presidency?

If you believe a recent op-ed in the Washington Post, those that thought Trump was pulling the wool over their eyes regarding his pro-life stance and faith are finally coming around.

What Changed

During the campaign, Trump managed to get the evangelical vote behind his campaign.

For millions of Americans, this appeared to be nothing more than a coup for Trump.

They were positive the evangelicals would regret their decision.

Along with the evangelicals comes the pro-life stance.

Trump’s reputation preceding him, most thought his dedication to this cause would also eventually fade.

Something funny happened, though, as the pro-life stance by our government has been solidified during the Trump presidency.

How It Happened

Much of this has its roots in a conservative Supreme Court that has been solidified with Trump’s appointment of Neil Gorsuch.

Prior to Gorsuch being named, though, there was a case on the docket regarding pro-life organizations and abortion.

When the Supreme Court kicked the case back down to lower courts, it was a huge win for conservatives.

More recently, the Supreme Court declined to hear a case centered around Arkansas abortion clinics, effectively banning abortion in Arkansas.

The Supreme Court on Monday also tossed out a ruling by lower courts that allowed a pregnant undocumented immigrant to have an abortion against the wishes of the Trump administration.

While the abortion has already happened, the decision by the Supreme Court now sets the precedent.

The fact of the matter is that Trump has delivered on his promises regarding his pro-life stance.

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Unlike most other presidents in modern times, Trump continues to deliver on virtually every promise he made during his campaign.

And doing so will continue to change the minds of his doubters.

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