Donald Trump leaves Washington to spend Super Bowl weekend in Florida

President Donald Trump will be watching the Super Bowl in style this year.

With the government finally open, the president and several members of his family decided to head to his Mar-a-Lago resort to watch the big game this weekend.

Party Time

President Trump is a huge sports fan, and he’s reportedly friends with Tom Brady and Bob Kraft, the quarterback and owner, respectively, of the New England Patriots.

As you may recall, Brady got himself in hot water when a MAGA hat was spotted in his locker during a post-game interview. But despite the fact that that happened more than two years ago, Brady still cannot live it down.

Even though the president’s favorite NFL QB stiffed him, there is little doubt Trump will be rooting for the Patriots come Sunday evening.

Indeed, a Super Bowl party hosted by Trump at Mar-a-Lago is actually somewhat of a tradition.

We know for sure that First Lady Melania Trump, first son Barron, first daughter Ivanka, and the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner will all be there, as they traveled together on Air Force One to Florida. Who knows who else could have been invited?

Since they did not get to spend Christmas and New Year’s together, the family is more than likely going to treat this as their holiday celebration.

Much-Needed Break

Even though the president will be working in Florida this weekend, it is still a nice break from the grind of D.C. for him.

For more than a month, the president has been getting raked over the coals by the media regarding the shutdown.

Meanwhile, he is still facing scrutiny over the Russia investigation. After Roger Stone’s arrest, many pundits suspected Donald Trump Jr. would be next, something that is surely weighing heavily on the president.

Regardless, he and his family now have a few days to get away from things and enjoy the big game, just like the rest of America. Now, we just need to hope the halftime show does not turn into a ridiculous liberal showcase, as many suspect it will.

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