Donald Trump, Jr. responds to rumors that he’s considering running for office

Donald Trump ,Jr. is a powerful figure. He has his father’s drive and energy, and has been an incredibly active defender and voice for the Trump administration. As such, rumors have been swirling for months that he might be considering running for office in the near future.

He’s been enigmatic about his specific thoughts on what office he might run for and when, but confirmed that there is a possibility he’ll run for office when he said that he “never wants to rule it out,” according to Breitbart.

Won’t Rule It Out

Don Jr. made it clear in an interview with Bloomberg Radio that he is considering one day following in his father’s footsteps.

He said: “I definitely enjoy the fight. I definitely like being out there and I love being able to see the impact and the difference that it makes on these people’s lives that I get to see all over the country.”

He loves making a difference in peoples lives — something that most politicians couldn’t care less about.

Politicians have become an elite class that is so far above the masses that they forget who they represent. The Trumps are a breath of fresh air in this regard.

President Trump made it clear that he is fighting for regular Americans. Don Jr. would do the same.

Bright Future

Don Jr. mentioned that the governorship of New York would be a position to target. New York has long suffered under a leadership more interested in stripping citizens’ of their rights than serving their interests.

According to Breitbart, an unnamed source confirmed that “Don Jr. said he is interested in running for office, such as governor of New York.”

However, the American people may be looking at a bit of a wait before they might see Don Jr run for office on his own accord. He is currently very busy co-managing the Trump Organization and campaigning for his father during this election cycle.

When asked about a potential timeline for launching an official political career, he replied that “We have a lot of time… My father decided to get into politics at 68. I’m 41, I’ve got plenty of time.”

Hopefully, Don Jr. can carry on his father’s work and lead a resurgence of motivated public servants.

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