Donald Trump headed to landslide primary win, Republican voters want the primary ended immediately

November 1, 2023
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Former President Donald Trump is headed for a total and complete victory in the Republican primary and voters want the Republican Party to stop wasting time and end the primary early.

According to pollster McLaughlin & Associates, 76% of Republican voters want the other candidates to drop out and unite behind Trump in order to shift the election focus to Trump versus President Joe Biden.

The only competition that Trump has in the Republican Party are Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley both of whom barely manage to get double digit support.

The writing has been on the wall for months that Trump is unbeatable and no candidate has what it takes to beat him.

Uniting behind Trump

Furthermore, Trump is beating President Joe Biden in multiple swing states and it is the perfect time for the Republican Party to unite behind Trump and pour everything into beating Biden next year.

Many Republicans will say that even from the beginning, 2024 was Donald Trump's year and no Republican would come close to him.

Considering the legal issues and the weight of the machine working against him, some would have been forgiven for not believing in Trump this election cycle.

The Trump resurrection

However, Trump has proved the doubters wrong and proven that he still has what it takes to win. He has single-handedly resurrected his political career following the 2020 presidential election and Democrats are terrified.

President Joe Biden has become more vulnerable than ever thanks to his failures in handling the economy, politics, and foreign affairs.

Biden's term has become known for war, chaos, and economic uncertainty. This stands in stark contrast to the Trump years which were peaceful and prosperous.

With what is happening in Israel right now, this is a prime opportunity for the Republican Party to stand behind Trump and go after Joe Biden who is already dealing with a nightmare situation.

Democrats fracturing

The war between Israel and Hamas has split the Democrat Party with the less radical side taking the side of Israel and the more radical side taking the side of literal terrorists who brutally murdered civilians on October 7th.

Joe Biden has rightly taken the side of Israel but that is costing him votes both among radical Democrats and with Arab Americans.

The collapse in Arab support of President Biden is especially important because of the concentration of Arab Americans in key swing states. This represents a golden opportunity for Republicans if they can unite behind Trump now.

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