Donald Trump wishes happy birthday to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Just to poke the liberal bear, President Donald Trump sent out some well wishes on Saturday afternoon.

Trump wished conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a happy birthday early Saturday afternoon, writing:

As Expected…

It literally took seconds for liberals to start attacking Justice Thomas after Trump sent the tweet.

One respondent actually called Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom, alluding to the title character of a classic 1852 novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

That attitude has been far too prevalent among liberal minority groups when someone of color is a conservative.

The struggle that happened for decades, and they set it all back with one comment.

People like Martin Luther King fought for equal rights, so everyone could think and act for themselves.

The problem is, though, that when any minority does not fall in line with liberal beliefs, they are chastised within their own ethnic group.

During the Election

We saw this happen time and again during the 2016 presidential campaign season.

Trump had far more support in minority communities than anyone could have ever predicted.

However, the minorities that spoke in favor of Trump publicly found themselves coming under fire from liberals within their own demographic.

Clarence Thomas is a man with a reputation that speaks for itself.

He is well-educated, successful, and without reproach when it comes to his judicial career.

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Sadly, though, liberals feel the need to tag him with what their own community considers to be the Scarlett Letter.

What a shame.

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