Donald Trump comes to the defense of Mike Pence, declares him ‘Innocent’ after classified document discovery

Former President Donald Trump has come to the defense of his former Vice President, Mike Pence, saying he was “an innocent man” despite the discovery of classified documents in his Indiana home.

Trump took to Truth Social on Tuesday to declare that, “Mike Pence is an innocent man. He never did anything knowingly dishonest in his life. Leave him alone!!!”

The former President’s spirited defense of his Vice President comes as a big surprise considering the tensions between the two that have built over the past year.

For now, Trump and Pence seem to have made peace to take on the Justice Department as the classified documents scandal continues to cause chaos in American politics.

Shocking discovery

The nation has been focusing on President Joe Biden and the dozens of classified documents discovered at his home and offices.

The discovery of classified documents at Mike Pence’s Indiana home came as a massive shock and seems to indicate the issue of classified documents being scattered to the winds is more widespread than initially thought.

Pence’s lawyer alerted the National Archives about the documents on Tuesday. The National Archives then notified the Department of Justice which searched Pence’s Washington, DC, home to ensure no other documents were unsecured.

The Justice Department seemed much more proactive in searching Pence’s home for documents.

That stands in stark contrast to the DOJ’s treatment of President Biden. Instead of searching his home outright, the DOJ allowed the President’s legal team to search the home creating an opportunity for evidence to be destroyed or tampered with.

Both the White House and the DOJ have kept quiet about why the President’s legal team was allowed to conduct the initial document search. Those answers won’t be coming anytime soon, especially as the focus shifts to Mike Pence.

No accountability

Former President Donald Trump has been able to ward off legal trouble thanks to his power as a president which grants him the power to declassify documents.

Joe Biden and Mike Pence don’t enjoy such privileges and the ongoing scandal highlights a culture in Washington D.C. that suggests there is no real accountability.

The consequences of a regular person mishandling classified documents would be catastrophic and yet it seems that every major politician has a personal stash of sensitive documents.

It is highly unlikely that the DOJ will be interested in holding Joe Biden accountable for his bad behavior. On the same note, Mike Pence may be safe just because of the similarity of his situation to President Biden’s predicament.

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