Donald Trump checkmates Jack Smith, reveals surveillance tapes from Mar-a-Lago were handed over to prosecutors

August 1, 2023
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Former President Donald Trump blasted special counsel Jack Smith by revealing he had turned over all surveillance tapes from his Mar-a-Lago residence to prosecutors.

Last week, Smith introduced new charges and named a third defendant in Trump's classified documents case. Smith alleged that Trump had conspired with his head of maintenance, Carlos De Olivera, to delete surveillance tapes. 

As it turns out, those allegations are completely baseless as Trump revealed he had turned over all surveillance tapes to investigators.

Trump's attorney Alina Habba explained that "What was the obstruction of justice? Because no tapes were deleted. He turned them over. He cooperated as he always does. But they would like the American public to believe in these bogus indictments."

Smith is desperate

Jack Smith's investigation into Trump is falling apart and these new charges are proof that the investigation is a waste of time designed to distract from the crimes of President Joe Biden and his family.

Smith announces these new charges the day before President Biden's son, Hunter Biden, appeared in court and plead "Not Guilty" to tax crimes.

Habba further explained, "When he has his turn in court, and when we get to file our papers, you will see that every single video, every single surveillance tape that was requested, was turned over. If President Trump didn’t want something turned over, I assure you, that is something that could have been done. But he never would act like that. He is the most ethical American I know."

Trump himself stated in a post to Truth Social that, "The Crooked Election Interference ‘Thugs’ from the DOJ, headed by the worst Thug of them all, Deranged Jack Smith, are now admitting that the Mar-a-Lago Security Tapes were NOT DELETED. That’s not what they were illegally leaking to the press. These guys should be prosecuted for MISCONDUCT. Also, whatever happened to Crooked Joe’s Documents? Where are the ones he sent and stored in Chinatown? Is Deranged Jack going to Indict him for this and, at the same time, receiving BRIBES FROM CHINA?"

This leaves no doubt that the new charges against Trump for allegedly deleting surveillance tapes are nothing more than a distraction.

That doesn't matter to Smith, most Americans will hear about Trump's charges but will have moved on when it finally comes out in court that Trump was innocent.

Worse yet, the media will take these charges are run with them until the election is over next year. Smith's investigation is meant to generate dirt for President Biden to use against Trump.

Massive reforms needed

Jack Smith's investigation is the greatest abuse of the Justice System since Democrats used the DOJ to investigate Trump for allegedly colluding with Russia in 2016, a claim that was finally debunked after a years-long investigation.

Democrats have already shown that they are willing to abuse our nation's justice system to take Trump down. So it is no surprise that Smith's conduct borders on prosecutorial misconduct.

The only question that has yet to be answered is what Republicans plan to do to stop this from happening again. Republicans failed to force major reforms following the Russian collusion hoax, will they act any differently in light of the Smith investigation?

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