Donald Trump blasts Joe Biden, claims the President will 'beg Iran for mercy'

October 17, 2023
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Former President Donald Trump blasted President Joe Biden in a post to Truth Social on Monday warning that the President would bow down to Iran.

With Israel preparing a ground invasion of Gaza, tensions in the Middle East are at an all time high. Iran, who supports Hamas, has been beating the drums of war and it is up to the United States to keep the conflict from escalating.

President Biden's weak foreign policy has already created chaos around the world and some, including Trump, blame Biden for the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Now with a delicate situation in the Middle East, all eyes are on the President who has already shown he is incapable of handling these kinds of situations.

Trump is using this time as an opportunity to contrast his performance with Biden's while warning Americans of the severity of this situation.

Biden can't lead

Trump wrote, "Would somebody please inform our WORST President in history, Crooked Joe Biden, who doesn’t have a clue, that while he dithers around and illegally attacks his political opponent, ME, and is always trying to blame everyone else for the MANY, MANY, MANY mistakes he has made, IRAN IS RAPIDLY BUILDING A LARGE SCALE ARSENAL OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS."

Trump is extremely worried about Iran being a nuclear power, an outcome that the President has actively enabled.

Trump's statement continued as he blasted Biden's shortsightedness saying, "Once they have them, which will be soon, all negotiations STOP. That’s when our incompetent fool of a President will drop to his knees and beg IRAN for mercy. ‘Please, Please, Please, Mr. Ayatollah, SIR, I will give you everything, I will do anything you demand. Don’t hurt us! This is the position that this stupid fool has put us in."

President Biden already foolishly unfroze $6 billion in assets for Iran just weeks before they helped Hamas commit one of the most brutal acts of terror in recent times with their attack on October 7th.

Iran also supports Hezbollah, a terrorist group in Lebanon, which is threatening to open up a second front against Israel.

All this chaos is making many Americans wish for the peace and stability that the Trump years were known for.

2024 race completely changed

The Ukraine war has already been disastrous for President Biden's image and another major conflict is going to all but torpedo Biden's reelection hopes.

If Iran does become an active participant in the conflict between Israel and Iran's terrorist proxies, it will necessitate American involvement in the conflict outside of the advisory help that is already being given to Israel.

American boots on the ground is the last thing voters want to see and they will likely punish Biden if he fails to prevent that outcome.

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