Donald Trump Jr. attacks Democrat Senator over call for purging conservatives from Internet

Conservatives have long believed their voices are being smothered.

Donald Trump, Jr. recently addressed that very issue, ripping into a Democrat senator for suggesting censorship of conservative media.

Matter of Time

The movement to silence conservative media started when the Trump movement really started to gain steam.

Liberals started to realize alternative media outlets were whipping up support and they did everything they could to silence them.

While they were unable to prevent Trump from being elected, the wheels were turning full force by the time Trump took office.

Suddenly, conservative news outlets were having problems reaching their audience on social media.

Twitter started to ban accounts it considered extreme.

And Facebook — well, where do we start?

Conservative-oriented pages with millions of fans were suddenly having their “organic reach” restricted.

On a normal day, pages such as these would reach 20-30 percent of their fans.

After Trump won the election, that reach was being restricted to less than three percent in some cases.

Mind you, these were fans that had signed up and “liked” the page; they wanted to see the content on these pages, but Facebook was simply refusing to circulate it.

Outright Banning

Now, Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, is calling for the outright banning of conservative media outlets.

Murphy’s call to is the textbook definition of censorship.

Murphy attempted to lessen the blow landed by Trump, Jr. by saying this was equivalent to the president calling out networks over “fake news.”

The difference, though, is that Trump is merely challenging the networks and bringing to light the fact that they are printing untruths.

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Murphy, however, wants to silence an opposing view.

What ever happened to the First Amendment?

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