Trump announces order to protect fracking, oil and gas industry

Do you know if Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will ban fracking? With Biden, at one time or another, occupying every position that one could on that issue, it’s been hard to pin him down. But President Donald Trump has just made it clear where he stands on the issue.

On Saturday, Trump announced that he has signed an executive order to protect fracking going forward.

“Just signed an order to protect fracking and the oil and gas industry,” the president tweeted. “This means JOBS, low energy bills, and continued AMERICAN ENERGY INDEPENDENCE! Sleepy Joe would BAN fracking and destroy American energy jobs! He has NO clue!!”

The order

The White House released a fact sheet on the executive order, explaining how the Trump administration will look to protect fracking going forward.

The main thrust of the executive order appears to be analytical. The president wants to analyze how a ban on fracking would affect America and Americans.

“The Administration will assess the potential consequences of fracking bans – such as job losses – on Americans who are directly or indirectly benefiting from the energy industry and other industries, including mining for sand and other minerals,” the fact sheet reads.

Biden’s ambiguous position

Fracking has become a big issue in this election considering the importance of the oil and gas industry in certain battleground states like Pennsylvania.

As stated at the outset, it is unclear where Biden stands on this issue. We do know that Biden has, in the past, at least supported partial bans on fracking.

We also know that Biden, at the final presidential debate, said that he would “transition” away from the oil industry. “I would transition from the oil industry, yes,” he said.

In subsequent days, however, Biden attempted to backtrack from this position.

Opposing the far left

With this order, the president, in contrast to Biden, is making it clear that he stands opposed to the far left agenda. “No responsible public official should sacrifice vast numbers of American jobs and livelihoods to appease domestic radicals and curry favor with foreign powers,” the White House fact sheet states.

What now remains to be seen is how big a role this issue will play in the upcoming election. We’ll know soon enough.

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