White House counsel Don McGahn has resigned

One of the key members of Trump’s legal team at the White House has left the administration.

Don McGahn, who has been a dependable ear for the President, resigned as White House Legal Counsel after 21 months on the job.


Depending upon who you listen to, McGahn has been very instrumental in helping Trump implement policy during his tenure.

Those same individuals credit McGahn with having advised against making some rather aggressive moves Trump apparently wanted to make.

McGahn himself has told sources it was he who was behind Trump NOT firing Mueller.

He is also supposed to be behind Trump keeping Sessions on as the Attorney General.

It is not clear at this point if this departure is on good terms or bad, though.

While there have been reports that McGahn and Trump sat down on Wednesday before McGahn turned in his resignation, it was a far cry from what we saw happen with Nikki Haley.

What he did get, though, was a tepid farewell tweet from the president earlier this summer.

Why Now?

While there is some speculation tensions were rising between Trump and McGahn over his Mueller testimony, that appears to be untrue.

One of Trump’s former attorneys stated previously McGahn had actually been “a very strong witness” for Trump.

The resignation of McGahn is something that was actually somewhat expected.

Earlier this year, rumors started to fly that McGahn wanted to move on but was waiting for Trump to line up his replacement.

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That replacement is apparently going to be Pat Cipollone.

Cipollone has previously worked in the Justice Department and is currently working as a partner in a private firm.

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