Don Lemon hints at quitting job, blames Trump

CNN’s Don Lemon has made headlines for all the wrong reasons this year – and instead of taking responsibility for his poor performance, he’s playing the victim card.

Even that might not be enough to save him; in fact, in an interview, Lemon hinted that he might be leaving cable news abruptly. 

Typically for him, Lemon blamed Trump for his situation, not his poor ratings and embarrassing gaffes.

Fox reports:

The news — plus barbs from social media trolls and other critics — may be too much for CNN’s Don Lemon to bear much longer.

The host of “CNN Tonight” told an audience in New York City on Thursday that the current “level of toxicity” in society – which he attributed to the Trump presidency – has him questioning whether he’ll still be on the air when the 2020 presidential election rolls around, according to reports.

“I don’t know if it’s worth this level of toxicity,” the 53-year-old Lemon said about continuing in his current position, the Daily Beast reported.

Cry me a river.

And speaking of toxicity, what about your egregious record of lies and inflammatory statements on CNN?

Every public figure deals with “barbs” from social media users and critics.

The public arena isn’t meant to be a place where you only hear news that makes you happy.

And Lemon doesn’t mention the fact that he regularly smears 50% of the country. What about their feelings?

Fox further quotes Lemon as saying:

I’m black and gay on cable television in prime time — a unicorn — and I’m a target of the right, a target of white extremists, neo-Nazis and of the president,” Lemon said, according to Deadline.

He added later, “ I wonder how long I will continue to do this particular job,” the Daily Beast reported.

Lemon speculated he might be happier as a celebrity chef, or perhaps doing journalism “in a different way.”

It’s telling that Lemon can’t imagine doing anything useful as an alternative to being a fake news anchor. Really, a celebrity chef? Has he earned that status in any way?

It’s time to retire, Lemon, and please don’t come back.

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