Don Jr. blasts Kellyanne Conway’s husband: ‘A disgrace’

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway’s marriage to outspoken Trump critic George Conway has baffled virtually everyone in the political world. But when George Conway raised eyebrows by calling Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) “trash,” Donald Trump, Jr. had heard enough.

Trump Jr. publicly called Mr. Conway “a disgrace” for embarrassing his entire family on a regular basis, according to the Washington Examiner.

A disgrace

The latest feud between these two got started when George Conway took some nasty shots at Rep. Stefanik following a recent impeachment hearing.

Those comments were bad enough, but Mr. Conway also happened to use a photoshopped image to support his statements.

When the picture was proven to be doctored, instead of apologizing, Conway simply deleted his tweet and continued to harass Stefanik on Twitter.

Trump Jr. then dropped the hammer on Conway.

Building a brand

But the really funny tweet from George Conway came after he accused Trump Jr. of building a brand through his father’s presidency, as well as only having a job because his father owned the company.

What makes that so funny is the fact hardly anybody knew who George Conway was before his wife became a senior adviser for Trump. Conway is only a household name now because of his anti-Trump stance and the fact his wife is a top adviser for the president — not due to any of his own “talents.”

Trump Jr. is right, though: Conway is a regular embarrassment for his wife, something Kellyanne is clearly tired of talking about. She had previously ripped Fox contributor Chris Wallace for bringing up the issue, and more recently, she shredded CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for alluding to “issues” within their marriage.

Although it’s understandable that Kellyanne doesn’t want the focus to be on her marriage, it’s difficult to ignore George’s blustering considering Kellyanne’s proximity to the president.

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