DOJ slams liberal states for protecting undocumented immigrants

New policies enacted by liberal judges on Oregon’s Supreme Court have created much concern for public safety with our Justice Department.

When ICE and other law enforcement officials were barred from arresting illegal immigrants in and around courthouses, Attorney General William Barr sent a letter demanding a reversal of the new policy, warning that the law “places our communities at unacceptable risk.”

Creating Safe Zones

The new policy put into place by Oregon’s Supreme Court prevents Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from taking any illegal immigrants into custody in and around the courthouse without a federal warrant.

In essence, the justices were creating a safe zone for illegal immigrants. After Oregon put its measure into play, Washington state was reported to be considering a similar policy.

Attorney General Barr is having none of it, though, and he collaborated with Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf to send a letter outlining the concerns about the new policy.

The letter states, “Regardless of how one views our immigration laws, we should all agree that public safety should be of paramount concern.

“Court rules that would purport to further restrict the lawful operations of federal law enforcement officials only serve to exacerbate sanctuary laws and policies that continue to place our communities at unacceptable risk.”

Endangering citizens

The one major theme through the letter by Barr and Wolf is that policies such as this are putting Americans at risk. The policy in Oregon, in essence, would prevent ICE from picking up any illegal immigrant, no matter the severity of the crime.

This would mean rapists and murders could potentially bet set free rather than being picked up and deported.

Liberals may say this is overly dramatic, but we have all seen the problems when these criminals are wrongly set free for political reasons.

History proves us right on this as well. Earlier this year, very similar policies were rolled back in Montgomery Country, MD when several illegal immigrants that had been released from custody were later arrested for alleged sex offenses.

It is truly sad that Democrats and liberals these days value criminal immigrants more than they do the actual citizens and legal residents of our country.

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