Chaffetz Says Jeff Sessions’ DOJ Is Protecting Hillary – Just Like Lynch and Holder Did

The frustration of not seeing Hillary Clinton brought to justice is beginning to saturate conservatives.

Former congressman and current Fox News analyst Jason Chaffetz has finally reached his breaking point and is calling out Jeff Sessions over his lack of action against Hillary Clinton.

Sessions Just More of the Same

Hillary Clinton has literally gotten away with murder, and nothing has ever been done.

She has also violated security protocols similar to violations by others that have been sentenced, yet she remains untouched.

While Obama was in office, it was clear the members of his Justice Department were bending over backwards to keep her out of trouble.

Nothing was more blatant than the now infamous “tarmac” meeting and Comey drafting her exoneration letter months before the investigation was wrapped up.

While President Trump had promised Hillary would be prosecuted during the campaign, we still wait patiently for Sessions to make the announcement.

As a matter of fact, there has not even been the slightest hint from Sessions that anything will ever be reopened against Hillary, even as we see more and more evidence of wrongdoing.

Chaffetz is just as outraged as We the People are over this matter, saying he does not “see much of a difference” between the way Hillary Clinton was treated by Lynch’s Justice Department and the way she is being treated by Sessions’ Justice Department.

Sessions’ Defiance

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte recently subpoenaed over one million documents from the DOJ regarding Hillary’s email scandal from 2009 to 2013.

Rather than turn over the documents, the FBI said “they’re looking at the request.”

As Chaffetz noted, it is NOT a request, it is a subpoena, so turn over the documents!

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

The FBI is claiming it simply does not have enough staff to dedicate to meeting the congressional “requests,” so the agency is now going to double the agents working on the task,

However, Chaffetz was quick to point out he issued a subpoena in 2016 and Nunes issued a similar one in 2017, yet the FBI is just now going to add staff to manage this?

Congress has been waiting for almost two full years, and the FBI has still not answered the subpoena.

What Transparency?

While new FBI Director Christopher Wray stated the FBI is committed to being both “transparent and responsive to legitimate congressional requests,” the agency’s actions are telling quite a different story.

Rather than provide Congress the information it needs to conduct its investigation, the FBI’s behavior could be better characterized as obstructing justice.

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The time has come for agency heads and yes, even Jeff Sessions, to be held accountable for their actions, or rather their lack of action.

It is time for President Trump to take this bull by the horns and either demand results or put people in charge that are willing and able to do so.

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