Report: Obama DOJ tried to end Clinton Foundation investigation – because of 2016 election

Details within the Inspector General’s report on McCabe are going to take down more than the beleaguered former Deputy Director of the FBI.

Further details have revealed someone deep inside the Obama administration may have ordered the shut down of the investigation into the illegal activities of the Clinton Foundation.

The Proof

Liberals are already trying to call this conspiracy theory, but it is far from it.

The root of these accusations is there for everyone to see in the Inspector General’s report about the “lack of candor” by Andrew McCabe.

Within this report, McCabe gives details about being put under pressure by the Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General (PADAG) to drop the Clinton Foundation investigation.

Since that investigation was taking place during the presidential election, and Obama was obviously trying to protect his legacy, it makes perfect sense the administration wanted this to just “go away.”

The DOJ report stated, “According to McCabe, he pushed back, asking ‘are you telling me that I need to shut down a validly predicated investigation?’ McCabe told us that the conversation was ‘very dramatic’ and he never had a similar confrontation like the PADAG call with a high-level Department official in his entire FBI career.”

Every piece of documentation has been gone over by several legal experts, and they all came to the same conclusion:

Someone very high in the Justice Department had ordered the end to the Clinton Foundation investigation.

One legal expert, J. Christian Adams, who has experience operating in the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, asked, “What kind of Justice Department do we have, that a couple weeks before the election, the presidential political appointees are calling the No. 2 guy at the FBI, essentially saying, give Hillary a pass?”

He emphasized, “That’s in the OIG report! That’s the real bombshell!”

Questions Need to be Answered

There are obviously a lot of questions that now need to be answered by the likes of Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama.

These are not questions they can just dismiss as right-wing rhetoric, either, but you know that is exactly what they will try to do.

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This is a major scandal where someone must be held accountable.

Not only that, but an immediate and full investigation into the activities of the Clinton Foundation must be conducted, because it is quite apparent that did not happen the first time around.

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