Biden DOJ drops federal charges against Massachusetts judge who helped criminal illegal migrant escape custody in 2018

President Joe Biden has been credibly accused of adopting a decidedly soft stance against illegal immigration, and that general refusal to enforce existing immigration laws also apparently extends to those who aid and abet criminal illegal immigrants in avoiding federal detainment and deportation.

A Biden-appointed federal prosecutor just dropped charges against a Massachusetts state judge who helped a twice-deported criminal alien escape federal custody in her courtroom in 2018, the Conservative Brief reported.

Now, instead of facing trial on federal conspiracy and obstruction of justice charges, Massachusetts state District Judge Shelley Joseph will instead merely be subject to an administrative review of her actions by the state’s Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Judge helped criminal alien escape federal custody

It was in 2018 that Judge Joseph, while hearing a case involving drug charges against twice-deported Jose Medina Perez — who was wanted on a Pennsylvania warrant for drunk driving and a federal warrant for illegally entering the country — allegedly conspired with Perez’s defense attorney and her deputy bailiff, Wesley MacGregor, to help Perez exit out the courtroom’s backdoor to avoid a federal agent waiting out front to take him into custody.

Joseph was hit with federal criminal charges after her stunt but proclaimed that she had done nothing wrong and was protected from prosecution by “absolute judicial immunity,” though a federal appeals court disagreed earlier this year and ordered her and MacGregor to stand trial, the Heritage Foundation reported in March.

Unfortunately, what appeared to be a victory at that time for the rule of law has now been transformed into yet another glaring example of the corrupt and politicized justice system in this country, as the progressive leftist judge who aided and abetted a fugitive criminal alien will most likely avoid any consequences for her illegal actions.

Federal charges dropped by Biden admin

U.S. News reported last week that an agreement had been reached in which the federal charges against Judge Joseph were dropped in exchange for her submitting herself to an administrative review of her alleged misconduct by the state commission.

Obstruction charges were also dropped against MacGregor, though details were still being worked out on a deferred prosecution agreement for a perjury charge against him.

The federal prosecutor who reached that agreement was Biden-appointed Rhode Island U.S. Attorney Zachary Cunha, who took over the case after Biden-appointed Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Rachel Rollins, a staunch ally and defender of Joseph, recused herself from the matter. Rollins had been picked as the replacement for Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling, who had originally pressed the federal charges against the judge.

Progressive judge enjoys “political immunity” from prosecution

A Boston Herald op-ed decried the obvious politicized miscarriage of justice and “heavy-handed progressive tilt” in this instance, in which the left-leaning prosecutor would forgo trial against the left-leaning judge and instead turn her over to the left-leaning state judicial commission.

“That is because Joseph has something more important than judicial immunity; she has political immunity. Politics trumps justice,” the Herald asserted.

“Which only goes to add to the growing belief that there are two systems of justice in the country,” the op-ed continued. “One is for progressives with power, and the other is for everyone else. If you’re woke, you walk.”

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