DOJ demands jail for woman who found Ashley Biden's perverted diary

 April 4, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The Joe Biden Department of Justice is demanding jail time for another defendant who was caught up in a Biden family scandal – that of diary revelations about Joe Biden "showering" with his young daughter, in a "probably not appropriate" scenario.

It's just one of the many scandals embroiling the Biden family, from a scheme to peddle influence to foreign enemies to a failure to pay taxes to an apparent lie on a federal form required to purchase a handgun.

Congress is investigating a wide range of these allegations now, in hearings that could result in a recommendation to impeach Biden.

Now a report in Twitchy reveals Joe Biden's DOJ is sounding off in a case against a woman who took a diary that once belonged to Biden's daughter Ashley.

The diary, which the Biden administration purported was a fake for a long time, includes Ashley's references to being "sexualized" at a young age and showering with her father, Joe Biden, at the time. The diary expresses those actions as "probably not appropriate."

The Twitchy report openly challenges the Biden family stories on the topic, with, "Wait, we thought it wasn't real: DOJ wants prison time for a woman who 'stole' Ashley Biden's diary."

The diary was left behind in a rental when Ashley Biden departed, and it reached the level of yet another scandal for the Bidens when the woman sold it to an investigative news outlet.

It featured prominently, then, in a SWAT-style raid of the home belonging to James O'Keefe, now of the O'Keefe Media Group. He was working then with Project Veritas, and the organization had turned the diary over to authorities when it obtained access.

At issue is a case involving Aimee Harris, who sold the diary at the time.

The Twitchy report said "The media and leftist 'influencers' went out of their way to claim that the leaked diary pages were not real. And why wouldn't they? After all, it worked (for a while) with Hunter Biden's laptop, claiming that was all just 'Russian disinformation.'"

But the report noted the FBI "ruined those claims" by raiding O'Keefe's home.

"After all, why would the FBI be so invested in the diary if it was all fake 'right-wing propaganda'? Yesterday, Biden's Department of Justice further verified the diary's unseemly contents when they stepped into the sentencing of Harris (who has already pled guilty) to demand that she serve four to 10 months in prison for the theft. For the 'theft' of a diary that was abandoned. Let that sink in."

The New York Post had reported prosecutors originally wanted six months of home confinement, but Joe Biden's DOJ then demanded more.

A filing from U.S. Attorney Damian Williams to District Judge Laura Taylor Swain said "no incarceration" would be "wholly insufficient."

Twitchy confirmed, "For clarification, the 'abuse' the DOJ is referring to here is simply that Harris has tried to have her sentencing hearing rescheduled several times."

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