DOJ Concludes That James Comey ILLEGALLY Broke FBI Protocol

This is what we’ve all been waiting for…

James Comey long used his position in power as FBI Director to target President Donald Trump. By using vicious, underhanded strategies, Comey was able to target Trump’s reputation and his presidency in what look like premeditated tactics to influence American politics illegally.

Apparently, Comey was working directly with the Democrat-ran New York Times to leak confidential information about the president’s administration.

And now Comey is getting in BIG trouble over it…

The DOJ Inspector General has officially released a report stating that Comey VIOLATED department and FBI policies related to the retention, handling, and dissemination of FBI records and information regarding President Trump. 

According to the DOJ’s official report:

“Comey provided a copy of Memo 4 [detailed information about the ongoing Flynn investigation], which Comey had kept without authorization, to Richman with instructions to share the contents with a reporter for The New York Times… Comey had several other lawful options available to him to advocate for the appointment of a Special Counsel, which he told us was his goal in making the disclosure. What was not permitted was the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive investigative information, obtained during the course of FBI employment, in order to achieve a personally desired outcome.”

It is now confirmed that Comey PURPOSELY released hurtful information about President Donald Trump in an attempt to affect American politics. And by doing that, he may have committed a federal crime.

But not only were Comey’s actions potentially illegal, but the DOJ has officially stated that Comey’s activities also set an extremely poor example to the 35,000 FBI officials who look to him as a role model for their work.

Sadly, however, it seems that the the Department has declined to prosecute Comey for his actions. Apparently, breaking the law is OK as long as you’re a liberal.

But alas, even the DOJ finds Comey’s actions astonishingly horrifying, which is why they even went so far as to strongly condemn his actions:

“In a country built on the rule of law, it is of utmost importance that all FBI employees adhere to Department and FBI policies, particularly when confronted by what appear to be extraordinary circumstances or compelling personal convictions.”

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