DOJ announces plans to spend nearly $60 million on ‘equity’ ideology

The U.S. Department of Justice, which has compromised itself in recent years by working with Democrats to fabricate the “Russiagate” conspiracy theory to use against President Trump, then attacked American citizens at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, when a few hundred rioted, now has announced its intentions to spend nearly $60 million on justice system reforms and “racial equity.”

Vanita Gupta, an associate, said in an announcement Thursday, “Equal justice is not a self-executing proposition – it takes work to make it real – and it will take a collective commitment from all of us at the federal, state, and local levels to bring that idea to life. These investments make good on a pledge by the Justice Department to promote public safety and realize the promise of a just society that recognizes the dignity and humanity of everyone.”

Instead of applying the law to everyone in recent years, however, the DOJ has exhibited a double standard – ignoring the potential federal crimes and criminals who could be charged from the hundreds of race riots that erupted across America in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.

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Then it turned on conservative members of society, those who were concerned about the corruption in the 2020 presidential election and protested at the U.S. Capitol. The DOJ has been compiling long lists of charges to bring against individuals who have been detained, without bond, for nearly two years already.

Nearly 1,000 cases have been created against Americans for that day, including some that stalwart FBI agents have charged are fraudulent.

Now the DOJ is diving head-first into social agendas.

It said its awards will total “almost $57 million” for that reform and to “advance racial equity.”

It says the taxpayer cash will “promote fairness” in courts and corrections systems and push to align the DOJ with the “latest science.”

One ideology that is being presented as science in the current atmosphere is Critical Race Theory, which teaches that all of America is racist and that the only way to correct that is to impose more racism on Americans.

The DOJ said, “Funding will support efforts at the state, territory, local and tribal levels to institute more effective and equitable criminal justice policies and practices. Funding will also support strategies to ensure the protection of defendants’ and incarcerated individuals’ constitutional rights and safety and efforts to address wrongful convictions.”

Among the handouts will be $8 million to “support new and innovative strategies that better enable criminal justice systems to prevent and respond to emerging and chronic challenges, including strategies that will increase opportunities for diversion, reform pretrial processes, build police-community trust and promote restorative justice and racial equity.”

Another $5 million will go to “state, local and tribal jurisdictions” with a focus on protecting constitutional rights under the Sixth Amendment.

About $9.8 million will go toward adopting “criminal justice metrics so that policymakers have access to actionable data to make policy and budgetary decisions.”

Three million dollars is for the development of new ways to make communities safe that are alternatives “to traditional enforcement mechanisms,” especially where crime is high.

Further, $5 million will go toward providing “legal assistance” for crime victims, and $2 million is for the National Center on Violence Against Women in the Black Community.

Another study will look at ethnic disparities and $7.6 million will go toward preventing “wrongful convictions.”

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