Dog bowl accidentally left in photo of Trumps with Queen Elizabeth

Details are everything, as they say, and a big one was missed in a photo of Trump with the Queen of England.

While posing with the President and First Lady, Queen Elizabeth’s staff forgot to remove a dog bowl before the photo was taken.

Small Details

For those of you unfamiliar with the Royals, there are two dogs that patrol the corridors of Windsor Castle.

The Dachshund-Corgi mixes are named Vulcan and Candy.

The bowl became an issue because it was visibly missing from a photo taken only days earlier.

Queen Elizabeth had taken a photo that Saturday in the same exact location.

That photo, with King Phillippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium was identical, sans the dog bowl.

And yes, this was very much a “big deal” in the British press.

Some columnists were calling for the heads of the Queen’s staff that had made the horrid mistake.

More Controversy

The dog bowl incident was not the only flurry during the President’s visit with the Queen.

While inspecting the troops, Trump had a bit brisker pace than the Queen while walking the line.

At one point, he was about a step ahead of her.

This caused outrage on leftist social media over a “lack of respect” for the European monarch.

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The President and FLOTUS only added to the “scandal” when they did not bow or curtsy when they met the Queen.

Mind you, for heads of state, this is not mandated, but is considered “customary” to do so.

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