Leaked documents link Chinese President Xi to genocidal policies against Uyghur Muslims: Report

Beijing’s communist regime has been accused of engaging in genocide against members of the Uyghur Muslim minority living in China’s western Xinjiang province — accusations the communist regime has repeatedly and steadfastly denied.

Those denials were already difficult to believe, however, and now, they have been revealed as utter lies. In a new report, the Daily Caller cited documents that purport to show Chinese President Xi Jinping has personally ordered the persecution of Uyghurs living within the country’s borders.

The leaked documents were reportedly classified at a “top secret” level, and this is believed to be the first time ever that such papers with such a high level of classification have been seen by individuals outside the communist regime.

Documents reveal the truth

The 317 pages of documents, collectively known as the Xinjiang Papers, were shared and partially translated by Adrian Zenz, a senior fellow at the human rights activist group known as Victims of Communism.

In a lengthy thread of tweets, Zenz reported that the papers directly linked President Xi to the many “atrocities” that have occurred in Xinjiang, including the forced internment of Uyghurs in education or labor camps and the strict enforcement of birth control regiments and other measures meant to reduce the Uyghur population.

According to the papers, those policies and more were directly ordered by Xi and other top Beijing officials in a series of “top secret” speeches and statements delivered in the mid-2010s.

Genocide in China

Interestingly, Zenz alleged in his thread that The New York Times obtained and reported on the same Xinjiang Papers back in 2019, but the paper failed to publish the transcripts and declined to report in-depth on certain key aspects of the policies, as well as their direct link to President Xi.

Near the end of his Twitter thread, Zenz provided links to a website hosted by the Uyghur Tribunal that posted some of the documents that have been translated into English thus far.

According to the Daily Caller, upwards of 2 million Uyghur Muslims — along with an untold number of other ethnic and religious minorities — have been targeted by the communist Chinese regime in all.

Former President Donald Trump and his administration rightly classified what was occurring in Xinjiang as a “genocide,” the Daily Caller noted, and though President Joe Biden’s administration has taken a noticeably softer stance toward China, even the Democrat White House can’t deny the atrocities going on overseas.

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