Document raises new questions about Biden’s decision to issue vaccine mandate

President Joe Biden sparked widespread backlash earlier this month upon announcing a federal mandate requiring COVID-19 vaccinations or weekly testing for Americans working for businesses with more than 100 employees.

A recently released document is now raising new questions related to the possible “outside influences” that could have played a role in the president’s decision.

Details from the document

According to Breitbart, the Department of Education document was made publicly available through a Freedom of Information Act request by the group Americans for Public Trust.

It appears to provide details about a meeting in March that included Rochelle Walensky of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases.

Both of the public health officials appeared to be against the idea of issuing a federal vaccine mandate.

“There will be no Federal mandate (statute or regulation) for vaccines or vaccine credentials,” the document states. “The Federal government may require credentials for its own operations and activities, such as international port-of-entry checks or workplace safety for Federal employees.”

It also seems to reiterate the position that the Biden administration opposes so-called vaccine passports as well as the maintenance of a federal vaccine database.

“Threatened by teachers’ unions”

“There will be no Federally-created or -issued vaccine credentials or vaccine credential solutions for universal use across the country (i.e., no Federal database of individual vaccine records and no Federal vaccine ‘passports’),” the document explained.

Instead, the Biden administration had been expected to “review a proposed approach to vaccination verification that promotes private-sector development verification tools” under appropriate federal guidelines.

Considering the Biden administration’s latest mandate, it seems clear that there has been a fundamental shift in that position in the subsequent months. Biden himself has indicated that he would like to “move in that direction,” that is, toward federally issued vaccine mandates.

As for the reasoning behind that shift, Americans for Public Trust wants to find out the truth.

“We would like to know, potentially what outside influences may have changed this guidance because as you know, we already know that DC was influenced and even threatened by teachers’ unions on school reopening and mask guidance,” the group declared. “I think we deserve answers on whether or not there are outside forces behind this, again, another change in guidance from the administration.”

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