Report: Doctors say Joe Biden had cosmetic surgery ahead of 2020 campaign

With all the questions around Joe Biden’s health swirling around, one can be forgiven for not having confidence in his abilities. It seems like he just doesn’t have the physical or mental stamina to be president.

And according to a new report from The Washington Examiner, it appears the former vice president has resorted to surgery to cover up his issues.

Biden under the knife?

Cosmetic surgeons told the Examiner that it’s clear Biden had a rhytidectomy, a procedure more commonly known as a facelift.

Scars can be seen around the bottom of his earlobes and run close to a half-inch down, they said.

“Oh he’s had a facelift, there’s no question,” said New York-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Arthur Perry.

He went on to say the size of Biden’s scars is “incredible” and shows the procedure was “fairly recent. The scars come too far from his ear. This is very hard to correct,” he said.

Cosmetic procedures aren’t uncommon for public figures. Even Hillary Clinton was rumored to have undergone significant work.

At the end of the day, Biden undergoing cosmetic surgery isn’t a health concern. But it does demonstrate that he is trying to hide his aging.

Voters losing confidence

Biden’s recent gaffes have shown that the former VP isn’t at his best.

The stress of his campaign is clearly taking a toll on him — and yet he wants to undertake the job of leading the free world. Meanwhile, he’s already breaking down on the campaign trail.

Simply put, Biden doesn’t have what it takes. He may have a Hollywood face, but he doesn’t have American energy.

Donald Trump has shown that takes a lot to get anything done as president. At this point, almost any other contender for the presidency is more fit than Biden.

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