Doctors’ Coalition Calls for Investigation of Pro-Abortion Harassment

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A coalition of physicians in the United Kingdom is calling for a General Medical Council investigation of Jonathan Lord, the chief of the MSI Reproductive Choices abortion programs.

The report from Christian Concern explains there are several concerns, including that he “may have deliberately provided misleading and incorrect information to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) to influence a decision in favor of his political stance in relation to abortion pill reversal therapy using Progesterone.”

He also was accused of “harassing” and “scaring” a vulnerable woman in a crisis pregnancy.

It was Lord who triggered an investigation of Dr. Dermot Kearney, who has successfully been treating women who have taken the first of two abortion chemicals but want to reverse the process.

A ruling from the GMC, in that case, vindicated Kearney, affirming that his Abortion Pill Rescue treatment is legitimate and safe. It involves the administration of the natural hormone progesterone to pregnant women who wish to reverse the chemical abortion process in which the first pill, mifepristone, deprives the unborn child of that hormone.

According to Christian Concern, “To date, 36 women who received APR treatment in the UK have given birth to healthy babies.”

Lord had demanded that Kearney be struck from the medical register for helping those women.

But the report explained, “Despite the ruling from the GMC vindicating Dr. Kearney and stating that APR is safe, Dr. Lord has aggressively continued his campaign against the treatment.”

The accusations now included that Lord, in fact, provided “misleading” information to a patient in pursuit of his “own political ideology and vehement opposition to abortion pill reversal therapy.”

Also included in the case against Lord is a statement from a woman, identified only as “Kate,” who reported “she was harassed and ‘scared’ by Dr. Lord,” in a situation when he wanted her “to provide a false witness statement against the support Dr. Kearney had given her.”

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, who has supported Dr. Kearney’s legal case, said: “Jonathan Lord prides himself on being an advocate for women. His actions in this case, however, display the opposite and a breathtaking lack of professionalism.

“Jonathan Lord is so ideologically driven that he will stop at nothing to shut down those who think differently even to the point of contacting women personally to persuade them to complain. What Jonathan Lord found when he did that was that it was in fact Dr. Kearney from whom the women were getting the real care and not MSI.

“He has ignored the judgment from the GMC and independent expert evidence which said that abortion reversal and progesterone are safe. He must be held to account and the latest NICE guidance rescinded and amended.”

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