Former White House doctor renews claims that Biden isn’t ‘cognitively fit to be our commander in chief’

The chaos that has unfolded in Afghanistan after President Joe Biden moved to pull all U.S. troops out of the country now has some claiming our current commander-in-chief isn’t fit for the job.

In a stunning interview Friday, Ronny Jackson, a Texas Republican lawmaker and the former White House physician under both Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama, told Fox News host Jesse Watters that Biden isn’t “cognitively fit to be our commander in chief,” as The Daily Wire reported.

“And of course, I hoped that was wrong, but I’m not… We’re seeing it played out on the international stage right now,” Jackson, who has long raised questions of Biden’s cognitive health, said Friday, according to The Daily Wire. “He’s destroying the reputation of this country. He’s getting Americans killed.”

Alluding to an attack on the airport in Kabul that killed 13 U.S. service members last Thursday, Jackson added: “There’s…American blood being shed in Afghanistan again, for the first time in many, many, many months. And it’s not going to be the last.”

The turning point

For Jackson, the Afghanistan debacle has become something of a turning point — one that shows Biden just isn’t up for the task of running the country.

“The Taliban might capture some of the Americans and they might hold them ransom for some money. But ISIS is going to take them and they’re going to put them in these orange jumpsuits and they’re going to behead them on videos that are going to get sent all over the world,” Jackson said Friday, according to a transcript from Breitbart.

“That’s what we have to look forward to,” the doctor added, accusing Biden of destroying America’s “reputation with our allies” and sending “the wrong message to our adversaries.”

“We are tested every single day in this Biden administration, by other — by our adversaries,” Jackson said, according to Breitbart, “and every day Joe Biden fails that test and it’s just going to keep getting worse and worse.”

The bottom line

Whether Jackson’s diagnosis of the president is accurate, it’s clear that Biden needs to be able to make the right call when it comes to foreign policy — and so far, he has failed miserably.

Thanks to Biden, the Taliban are in firm control of Afghanistan, and thanks to failed evacuation efforts, thousands of Afghans who provided aid to U.S. troops over the last two decades could be facing execution at the hands of the terror group, according to reports.

It’s a terrible situation on all sides, and one that resulted in the deaths of more than a dozen U.S. service members, most of whom were said to be in their early 20s.

The blood is on Biden’s hands. But will he ever be accountable for it? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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