Lou Dobbs slams Trump’s Russia critics

President Trump finally has one member of the media sticking up for him.

After dozens of journalists, both liberal and conservative, ripped Trump over his press conference with Putin, Lou Dobbs of Fox News asked, “What would it have taken to satisfy the morons on those clips?

On the Offensive

Immediately after the press conference was held, very few people in the media sided with Trump.

For many, it was tantamount to treason that Trump all but excused Putin of any wrongdoing in the 2016 presidential election.

Even some of Dobbs’ co-workers laid into the President.

Neal Cavuto, one of the more level-headed journalists today, called Trump’s performance “disgusting.”

Cavuto stated, “I’m sorry, it’s the only way I feel. It’s not a right or left thing to me. It’s just wrong.”

Anti-Trump pundits were also getting as much face time as possible to go after Trump.

John Brennan, the former director of the CIA who once voted for a Communist Party presidential candidate, called Trump’s remarks “imbecilic,” and further stated his comments were “nothing short of treasonous.”

But Dobbs did not agree, stating the President “handled himself perfectly.”

“And what is his name, Brennan? He’s the biggest joke I have seen. What is he supposed to say?” Dobbs continued. “We’re settling this now, toe-to-toe with the Russkies, we’ll see who’s ICBM gets to which city the fastest? This is stupid stuff, this beyond the pale, as far as I’m concerned.”

Fine Line

The question is if Trump went too far with his comments during the press conference.

Keep in mind, his comments were made only days after the Justice Department handed down 12 indictments against Russian intelligence officers.

The indictments were directly related to their involvement in the hacking of both Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC headquarter computers during the presidential election.

For many, they wanted to see Trump confront Putin about the hackings in front of the cameras.

It is worth noting, though, the Justice Department also stated the hacking had no impact whatsoever on the actual voter numbers for the election.
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We have also yet to see the actual hard evidence related to the hacking.

Until that evidence is revealed, it is understandable as to why Trump would be skeptical of the reports.

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