Fox News’ Lou Dobbs slams Paul Ryan

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan has been out of the news cycle since he retired from office.

His recent visit to the White House, however, reminded Republicans of his disappointing leadership. Fox Business host Lou Dobbs stated Ryan’s “ignorance will live in infamy forever.”

Complete Failure

During President Donald Trump’s first two years in office, the Republican Party was given an opportunity that does not come along very often.

Having a Republican president, as well as a Republican majority in both the Senate and Congress, is something that must be taken advantage of, but Paul Ryan was unable to deliver.

Wall funding during that time should have been a no-brainer, but Ryan failed to get it done. He allowed himself to be held hostage by Democrats and was more worried about being politically correct than he was in supporting a president from his own party.

The Aftermath

Had Trump been able to get the bulk of his platform passed in those first two years, there is little doubt Republicans would have dominated the mid-term elections. Instead, 40 seats were lost.

While it was not a complete disaster, there was enough damage done that Democrats now hold the House and some key committee positions.

Now, the Democrats, with Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, are running the show. Pelosi has essentially parked an 18-wheeler in front of the White House and is refusing to budge.

Schiff has turned his position of chairman of the House Intelligence Committee into his personal crusade to take down President Trump.

Ed Rollins, a GOP strategist who joined Dobbs on his show, stated that Ryan “took his party over the cliff.”

Trump, against his better judgment, put his trust in a man who represented the establishment. All Ryan did was prove Trump’s base correct in that establishment politicians simply cannot be trusted.

Rather than support Trump’s agenda, Ryan was more concerned with protecting the seats of his fellow establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle. What he left in his wake was a complete disaster.

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