Lou Dobbs scolds Ann Coulter for attacking Trump over border wall

Lou Dobbs and Ann Coulter are normally on the same side of the argument, but Dobbs laid into her for going after President Trump over the border wall.

While Coulter was in the midst of a rant over the border wall not being built, Dobbs cut her off, stating, “You’re attacking Trump, for crying out loud, day in and day out!”

The Debate

Coulter brings up the point that many “former Trumpers” are upset over immigration and more distinctly, the fact the border wall has not yet been built.

She has been very vocal going after President Trump over this, but Dobbs was quick to point out the President is getting very little cooperation.

Ann Coulter started the election process as one of Trump’s most ardent supporters but has recently been attacking him steadily on social media.

This was the point Dobbs was making in that she is going after Trump “day in and day out.”


President Trump recently made a trip down south to see some prototypes for the wall.

In addition to that, he made a statement about possibly using the military to build the wall.

This is something that many of his supporters, Coulter included, have been calling for him to do for months.

Both Coulter and Dobbs stated much of the delay in seeing the border wall go up could be from bad advice Trump is receiving from numerous advisors.

The DACA Issue

Up to this point, the border wall has been getting hung up because DACA has often been tied to the funding for the wall as leverage.

Dobbs actually pointed out that somewhere along the way, advisors put it into Trump’s ear that Hispanics in general and undocumented immigrants getting amnesty would help the conservative cause.

Historically, all minority demographics vote Democrat, so using this as a basis for giving amnesty to DACA is not realistic or really important, for that matter.

However, Trump and company may believe that while Republicans can not actually win this demographic, they may be able to put enough of a dent in it to win states where the Hispanic vote is what swings the state.

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The one point both Coulter and Dobbs agree on is that protecting the people legally in this country should be the focus of the president.

Sadly, for Democrats, they don’t see it the same way.

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