Dobbs creates firestorm after calling generals ‘snowflakes’

Fox News’ Lou Dobbs stirred up a wasp nest after blasting some of our generals for their concerns about President Donald Trump’s Independence Day celebration in Washington.

Some generals were against Trump using tanks in the parade as well as sitting next to Trump during the event, so Dobbs returned fire: “No wonder these Snowflake Generals haven’t won a war since 1991…” he tweeted.

Celebrating Our Military

Trump wanted to make this year’s Independence Day celebration something to truly remember. He wanted the day to be about celebrating the brave men and women who have been and were willing to put their lives on the line for the freedoms we all enjoy today.

Trump wanted tanks, he wanted every military branch represented, and he wanted his top generals on the podium with him to celebrate the day.

When word of Trump’s plan got out, some members of the upper echelon in the military were said to believe that the celebration planned by Trump was going to politicize the holiday. They believed the extravaganza would actually violate Defense Department guidelines.

Knowing Trump’s penchant for getting big crowds riled up, they feared his planned speech would resemble that of one of his rally speeches rather than a state of the union style speech. If that were to be the case, they believed their presence would be equal to engaging in political activity.

We already saw the stink stirred up by liberals when our warriors asked Trump to sign their MAGA hats, so we know how this would have been perceived by the left.

Jordan Libowitz, the Communications Director for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, stated, “If they come to stand next to him for a political speech while in uniform, representing the military, it could become a problem.”

Violating the Hatch Act

Democrats were very quick to attack any potential speeches by Trump of violating the Hatch Act.

This put our military leaders on the defense and they even tried to stop Trump from using military personnel and equipment at the celebration.

The top officers of each branch of service declined Trump’s invitation (except for the Coast Guard), but his defense cabinet members did show up.

All the concern was for naught, though, as Trump’s speech was not a rally speech but rather a celebration of the history of this country and the role our military played going as far back as General Washington leading an outmanned and outgunned force to victory.

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