DCCC in chaos after top staffers resign amid diversity complaints

In late July, Roll Call reported that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) suffered a “mass exodus” of senior leaders and staffers. The shakeup came after accusations were made by some on the left — most notably, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus — that the organization’s upper ranks did not reflect enough diversity … in essence, there were too many white people in charge of the DCCC.

The brewing controversy resulted in a tense meeting on July 29 that saw DCCC Executive Director Allison Jaslow tearfully announce her resignation.

Top DCCC staffers not “diverse” enough

Jaslow’s departure spurred a number of other top staffers to submit their own resignations.

DCCC Chairwoman Cheri Bustos, who also serves as a congressional representative from Illinois, has been left with few remaining close allies in the organization, which is dedicated to gaining and maintaining power for Democrats in the House of Representatives.

“Today has been a sobering day filled with tough conversations that too often we avoid, but I can say confidently that we are taking the first steps toward putting the DCCC back on path to protect and expand our majority, with a staff that truly reflects the diversity of our Democratic caucus and our party,” Bustos said in a statement.

Diversity for diversity’s sake

It would appear that the “mass exodus” of senior aides from the DCCC has quelled the complaints, at least for now.

There is reportedly a “national search” underway for a permanent replacement for Jaslow and some of the others who left, but for the moment Jacqueline Newman has been tapped to serve as interim executive director.

As for the other top staffers, several of whom played key roles in the Democratic Party’s reclaimed House majority in the 2018 election, it appears they have been replaced with promotions from lower-level, and presumably more diverse, staffers from within the organization.

But even diversity for diversity’s sake may not save the DCCC from its own divisive obsession with identity politics.

Tayhlor Coleman, a young black staffer who was recencly promoted to lead the DCCC’s minority outreach program, will be “reassigned” to another unspecified position, Bustos said. It’s a belated move — the Washington Free Beacon called attention to Coleman’s past tweets that disparaged Hispanic and LGBT people back in June.

Diversity in skin color only, not thought

It has become increasingly clear that the modern-day Democratic Party is focused far more intently on the skin color of individuals rather than character, merit, or ideas.

While that may play well with some of the racial identity-obsessed members of the party’s far-left base, it has proven devastating to the organization tasked with holding a majority in the House of Representatives, and could prove equally devastating to the future of the entire party if allowed to persist or grow worse.

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