Cleveland reporter was killed by uncle in murder-suicide, police say

Earlier this week, one of the shining stars in Cleveland journalism was shot and killed.

Investigators revealed that reporter Nikki Delamotte apparently died at the hands of her own uncle.

Horrific Details

When we first reported this story earlier this week, very few details were available other than that Nikki Delamotte, 30, and her uncle Robert Delamotte, 67, were both found shot to death in his mobile home.

Now, the authorities are saying this was a murder-suicide.

Robert Delamotte reportedly shot his niece three times, then turned the gun on himself.

When police found Nikki Delamotte inside the trailer, she has been shot in the chest, side, and forehead.

Sadly, Delamotte’s mother, Joanne Ullman, was on site when Nikki’s body was found.

Although Ullman did not initially go into the trailer, she was the one that called the police after seeing her daughter’s car outside and nobody answering the door.


What exactly drove Robert Delamotte to kill his niece and then turn the gun on himself remains unclear.

Nikki Delamotte was actually trying to reconnect with her paternal uncle, with whom she had lost contact after her parents divorced many years ago.

Ullman told reporters earlier in the week she was going over to watch football with her uncle and catch up, even though she was not really a football fan.

All she wanted was to have her uncle back in her life.

Ullman is crushed not only over her daughter’s death, but as to how this could happen.

“My mind is still racing because there’s still the ‘why’?” she said.

The only evidence police have to go on right now, other than what they found inside the trailer, was a security camera.

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However, that only shows Nikki Delamotte entering her uncle’s home shortly after 4:00 p.m. on Sunday.

This is one of those crimes where we may never find out what set the tragedy in motion — the only one who truly knows turned the gun on himself.

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