Four Disney employees busted in Florida sheriff’s human trafficking and prostitution sting operation

A human sex trafficking and prostitution ring were recently busted up in central Florida and among the several dozen individuals arrested, some were employees of a rather prominent and increasingly left-leaning corporate entity that deals primarily with children.

That prominent central Florida corporation would be Disney, and at least four of its employees were caught up in the multi-day sting operation conducted by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, local NBC affiliate WTVJ reported.

In all, 108 individuals were arrested as part of the sheriff’s six-day “Operation March Sadness 2” sting effort, which utilized undercover detectives to root out, identify, and arrest those taking part in human trafficking and prostitution in the county.

What is going on at Disney?

Of the four Disney employees arrested in the sting, one was a 27-year-old male lifeguard at the Polynesian Village Resort, who was alleged to have sent sexual images of himself and explicit descriptions of his intent in a conversation with a detective that he believed was a 14-year-old girl.

The other arrested individuals employed by Disney, who may have been simply seeking the services of an adult prostitute and not children, included a 24-year-old worker at the Cosmic restaurant, a 27-year-old software developer, and a 45-year-old information technology worker.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd made note of the Disney connection to his undercover operation during a Wednesday news conference and said, “Four arrests of this magnitude in a week is simply remarkable.”

A successful and “worthwhile” operation

In a news release from the sheriff’s office Wednesday, Sheriff Judd said in a statement, “The arrests of a human trafficker and four child predators alone makes this whole operation worthwhile.”

“The online prostitution industry enables traffickers and victimizes those who are being trafficked. Our goal is to identify victims, offer them help, and find and arrest those who are profiting from the exploitation of human beings,” Judd added. “‘Johns’ fuel the trafficking and victimization. Where there is prostitution, there is exploitation, disease, dysfunction, and broken families.”

As noted in the sheriff’s statements, among the 108 total arrests made in the operation, one particular individual — a 32-year-old female identified as Tiffany Nash — was arrested and charged with several felonies for allegedly trafficking another adult woman into prostitution against her will.

Of the four alleged child predators arrested, the one identified as the Disney employee was named Xavier Jackson from Kissimmee. He and the other three — who do not appear to be Disney employees — had been busted in a similar fashion, primarily by way of attempting to arrange sexual encounters with undercover detectives posing as underage teenage girls.

Grooming and sexualizing young children

Breitbart‘s John Nolte pointed out that the fact that four Disney employees were just busted in the human trafficking/prostitution sting may help shed some light on the otherwise odd and inexplicable resistance that the corporation’s CEO had displayed toward a piece of “anti-grooming” legislation that prohibits discussions of sex and gender issues with young schoolchildren.

“Disney employees are so angry that Florida’s public schools won’t be allowed to groom little kids on their behalf. These perverts are staging a walkout because Disney’s new CEO didn’t do enough to ensure prepubescent kids ARE groomed in the classroom and behind the backs of parents,” Nolte wrote. “After all, how are you going to talk a 14-year-old kid into having sex with you if he/she wasn’t properly groomed in kindergarten?”

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