Disney challenged for insurance plan that pays to mutilate bodies, but not repair them

 March 29, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The Disney company, which just this week gave up in its fight against Florida's law that established a new independent board to oversee its property, replacing a Disney-controlled district panel that essentially provided the company permission to be its own government, is facing new headwinds now.

That fight was over the corporation's attack on the state for its new parental rights in education law, which critics inaccurately called the "don't say gay" law since that was not in the law.

The state had created a new board to oversee the company's property, Disney sued, and now it has dropped its legal fight.

The new dispute will be appearing not in court, but at the corporation's board meeting.

It is Paul Chesser, of the National Legal and Policy Center, who explained in a column at the New York Post his organization is a shareholder in Disney, and is raising at the company's board meeting the problem that Disney's insurance pays for transgender surgeries that permanently mutilate human bodies.

But it does not pay for body repairs needed by those who detransition.

"Does Disney care about more about the praise of transgender activists or the pain of its employees and their families, including children? The answer will become clear at the company’s April 3 annual meeting, when shareholders vote on a proposal my organization filed," he explained.

"We’re asking the company, which has famously associated itself with the gender-ideology movement, to stop ignoring the significant medical needs of those who’ve tried to reverse their sex transitions."

He explained his organization, as a shareholder, proposed months ago to have the company explain "why its health insurance doesn’t include coverage for people who attempt to detransition."

Chesser explained, "Many people who attempt a transition have gender dysphoria, a psychological condition that involves feeling uncomfortable with one’s biological sex. Rather than get the proper counseling they need to address it, they are generally fast-tracked by medical practitioners into an invasive and often irreversible regimen of drugs and surgeries."

However, their problems often continue, he noted.

"My organization has worked with Chloe Cole, who began a gender transition at age 12 and is the patient advocate at the nonprofit Do No Harm. By age 16, after taking puberty blockers and receiving a double mastectomy, she tried to turn back. Yet her body has been irreversibly changed and damaged, and years later, her chest is still bandaged. She will likely be on different medications and need ongoing treatments for the rest of her life," Chesser documented.

"Disney is happy to help employees and their families — including children — ruin their bodies. It has no interest in helping them fix the bodies, despite encouraging them down that ruinous path," he charged.

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