Judge rules firing of disgraced Broward County sheriff is ‘constitutional’

The suspension and pending dismissal of disgraced Broward County Sheriff Israel over his response to the Parkland school shooting was upheld by Broward County Judge David Haimes, who ruled Thursday that Gov. Ron DeSantis was justified in firing him.

Wording is Everything

The Parkland shooting was devastating not only to the community but also to the entire country.

Some believe the shooting could have been prevented outright. Most believe the loss of life would have, at the very least, been far less had Israel not changed procedure on how his deputies were to respond to a live shooter scenario.

Israel’s procedure stated that officers “may” confront the shooter rather than saying they “shall” confront the shooter.

That one word is believed to be responsible for deputies not engaging the shooter as soon as they were made aware of the situation.

Specifically, Scot Peterson, the officer that responded to the call, took cover outside while he heard gunfire inside of the school.

Firing Constitutionally Sound

DeSantis was delighted to hear the ruling.

While the judge in the case did not comment on the specifics of Israel’s firing, he did state that the firing was in line with the State of Florida’s constitution.

DeSantis stated, “I am pleased that the court recognizes my authority as governor to suspend a public official for reasons of neglect of duty and incompetence.”

With his suspension officially upheld, DeSantis said he will now move forward with the formality of officially firing Israel and finding a replacement worthy of the position.

While DeSantis is moving forward, Israel’s attorney plans on filing an appeal.

They argue that it should be the voters of the county deciding Israel’s fate, rather than the governor, since this is not an appointed position.

Even if they win their appeal, considering the outrage in the community after everything was revealed, it’s highly unlikely Israel would win a re-election campaign.

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