Disgraced Democrat congresswoman makes stunning suicide admission

Disgraced Democrat Rep. Katie Hill (CA) was recently forced to resign after it was discovered that she was conducting an inappropriate relationship with one of her staffers.

Hill remained largely silent after stepping down in October, but she recently came forward and admitted that she almost took her own life after the scandal went public, the New York Post reports.

The “throuple”

The scandal that forced Hill from her office would have been enough to break anyone. After allegations broke that she was in an inappropriate relationship with a campaign staffer, nude photos of Hill were leaked online, adding insult to injury.

When naked pictures of her were made public without her consent, most would agree that was over the line, regardless of the scandal she had been associated with. However, it was the unethical relationship with her staffer that truly caused her fall from grace.

The scandal was that Hill allegedly engaged in a three-way relationship with her husband and one of her younger subordinates. There were allegations of her being involved with someone else as well, which Hill denied.

Together, the allegations and the pictures put Hill in a very bad place, even though she was putting on a very brave front in public. Her resignation from Congress was the final straw that, according to Hill, almost made her do something very desperate.

Pushed to the breaking point

In a recent op-ed for The New York Times, Hill stated that she almost killed herself over the scandal.

“I just wanted it all to be over,” she wrote. “I felt like I was out of my body, like it was moving without me, and I got the paring knife and got back into the cold bath.”

She went on to say that while she sat in her tub with a knife pressed against her skin, she then suddenly realized her supporters needed her.

High school students, her parents, others who used her as an inspiration would have all been let down if she took her own life. At that moment, she stated, “I realized I couldn’t do it.”

One thing that is worth noting from Hill’s admission is that she is clearly trying to flip the script and put this entire ordeal behind her. Formerly known as a rising star in the Democratic Party, her dreams have been crushed by both her own inappropriate behavior and the unfortunate invasion of her privacy by some malicious party.

Now, she wants to go from a disgraced congresswoman who was inappropriately involved with underling staffers to the victim, a battle-scarred warrior against Trump and the establishment. Only time will tell if her new strategy will work.

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