Disciplinary files show FBI agents in ‘gone wild’ mode

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Disciplinary files obtained by Just the News for years worth of misbehavior by FBI agents reveal a potpourri of outlandish problems, from “driving drunk, stealing property, assault a child, mishandling classified documents, and losing their service weapons.”

The report confirmed “scores” of FBI workers were listed in the disciplinary files, including one agent, who “left a highly lethal M4 carbine unsecured in his government car during a Starbucks run and had the weapon stolen.”

But he, like most of the others, was punished only with a suspension and kept his job.

The documents reveal that case’s details: “Although there was a lockbox in the trunk for storage of weapons and sensitive items,” the agent instead put a rifle bag in the back seat, and “While Employee was in the Starbucks, the Bucar was burglarized. The rear passenger, rear driver, and tailgate windows were broken, and the rifle bag containing the M4 was stolen.”

“Sexual misconduct” also was rampant, but the report noted that those incidents “often” resulted in dismissals for offenses ranging from affairs with felons in prison, confidential sources, and subordinates.

Just the News said the disciplinary reports were obtained from a whistleblower, and the publication posted the full documentation online.

The FBI, of course, has been involved in controversy since the evidence showed it conspired with Democrats during the 2016 presidential election to make up the “Russia collusion” claims against President Trump, which since then have been debunked.

That episode included, as the record shows, one agent assuring an FBI lawyer that they would make sure Trump would not be president.

Just the News explained the disciplinary reports appear “at a sensitive time for the FBI as it deals with a sprawling congressional probe into allegations by two dozen whistleblowers of political bias, misconduct and weaponization of law enforcement powers.”

The publication cited confirmation from various reports of “at least 23 cases of agents and bureau staff driving under the influence.” Only five offenders were dismissed.

“At least three dozen agents reported guns being lost, stolen, or handled unsafely, including one agent who accidentally discharged his weapon and shot a hole through the floor of his hotel room,” the report said.

Retired Assistant Director Kevin Brock told Just the News, “I was seeing that in a lot of cases, particularly in the DUIs, there were not many dismissals. They were getting, you know, 20, 30, 40 days of suspension without pay. And that struck me as something a little bit of a divergence from the past.”

Just the News obtained the reports from Steve Friend, “an FBI special agent who recently left the bureau after blowing the whistle on alleged civil liberty abuses in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot probe.”

The documentation showed one supervisory worker “hit his minor child,” an attack that was revealed when officials at the child’s school found bruises and contacted Child Protective Services.

In another case, an agent threatened to shoot a process server who was trying to serve a temporary protective order for the agent’s girlfriend.

And an agent was arrested at one point for vandalism and theft due to the failure of a “romantic relationship.”

Suspensions were handed out for using FBI credentials to “intimidate” workers at a daycare center.

Just the News continued, “One agent leaned on a contractor who was doing business with one of the agent’s family members to get a better business deal.”

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