Hollywood director says voting for Trump ‘is a vote for death’: Report

While many on the left have slammed President Donald Trump over what they describe as harsh and divisive rhetoric, it seems they have no qualms about making their own incendiary remarks.

Case in point: According to Breitbart, noted Hollywood director Rob Reiner seemed to imply Tuesday that people would die if Trump were to be re-elected and argued that anyone voting for the president this fall would be, in essence, voting for death itself.

“A vote for death”

The director tweeted Tuesday:

Reiner followed his Tuesday assertion with a tweet the next day that accused the president of being a “narcissistic sociopath who is committing negligent homicide.”

Not content with accusing Trump of a violent crime, however, Reiner smeared Trump again on Thursday as a “sociopathic racist” who he says needs to be removed from office — alongside Attorney General Bill Barr, who, in Reiner’s view, “needs to be impeached.”

Of course, if only those few tweets were published, we might just chalk it up to a couple of bad days for a Hollywood figurehead who simply needed to vent. Alas, a brief survey of the director’s Twitter page shows that those few tweets are merely the tip of Reiner’s anti-Trump iceberg.

A dangerous obsession with Trump

As Breitbart reported, Reiner remarked in a late March tweet that “Donald Trump’s mental illness is killing people,” and suggested in another tweet that Trump “might be an accessory” to coronavirus-related deaths in the U.S.

The director had a similar message in a tweet the week prior.

Indeed, virtually every single tweet or retweet on Reiner’s page is a direct rhetorical assault on either Trump or a member of his administration — or both. It remains unclear why exactly the director has such an obsession with the president, but the constant digs prove at least one thing: President Trump is living rent-free in Reiner’s head.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is clearly still alive and well.

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