‘Dire situation’: Defunded police sound alarm amid crime surge

A television journalist who says he was fired by Seattle’s ABC affiliate because his reporting ran afoul of the establishment narrative on hot-button issues confronted members of the city council after the heads of local law-enforcement unions placed some of the blame for a spike in crime on their defunding of police.

Now an independent reporter, Jonathan Choe posted a video on Twitter in which he highlighted comments of law-enforcement leaders and then got reactions from various council members.

Mike Solan, the president of the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild, emphasized the “dire situation” the Seattle area finds itself in “post-2020 riots and defunding.”

Dennis Folk, the King County Corrections Guild president, said the forces are “losing officers faster than we can hire them.”

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“With all the stuff that’s been going on over the last two years, no one wants to do this job anymore,” said Mike Mansanarez, the King County Police Officers Guild president.

Solan said the “victims should be the focal point of this post-defunding nonsense that we’re living in.”

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