Dianne Feinstein uses 2007 Virginia Tech shooting to push for gun control

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) sunk to a new low this week.

Feinstein resorted to exploiting the tragic 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech to push forward more leftist anti-gun legislation.

“Twelve years ago today, 32 lives were lost at Virginia Tech in the deadliest shooting on a school campus. Students should be free to get an education without the fear of gun violence. We need commonsense reform to prevent another senseless tragedy,” Feinstein wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.


If Democrats are going to continue the assault on the Second Amendment, they should at least know the facts.

Feinstein wants to outlaw what she and most Democrats mischaracterize as assault weapons. The AR-15, contrary to popular belief, is NOT an assault rifle. Regardless, Dems want to blame the weapon and not the shooter.

In the case of the Virginia Tech shooter, a law such as that would not have worked anyway, because the shooter used hand guns.

Furthermore, something Democrats never discuss is the fact the shooting occurred in a “gun free” zone. Shockingly, the sign did not deter the shooter from carrying out his attacks.

In fact, an alarming percentage of recent mass shootings have occurred in “gun-free” zones. As Breitbart noted, the Crime Prevention Research Center estimates that almost 98 percent of mass shootings have taken place where that little sign is hung up telling them they cannot bring their guns there.

Just Enforce the Laws in Place

Some of the highest crime rates in the country are in cities with the toughest gun laws. Look no further than Chicago as the perfect example.

Rather than making it tougher on crime, Democrats are making it far easier for criminals.

Look at the new DA in Dallas, who has announced the best way to prevent mass incarceration is to simply stop sending people to jail.

You read that right… the new DA is no longer going to ask for jail time when a crime involves the theft of personal property for less than $750.

We don’t need more gun laws, we just need the laws on the books enforced.

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