Sen. Dianne Feinstein resorts to fear-mongering to scare voters away from Trump

One of the most contentious issues in our country right now is health care — and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) recently used that very topic to scare voters away from President Donald Trump.

Feinstein asserted that Trump wants to eliminate voters’ health care coverage and leave them to fend for themselves — but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Bogus Claims

Republicans have been fighting against the Affordable Care Act since the day Barack Obama put his name on it.

That single piece of legislation was responsible for creating massive premiums, raising co-pays, and thrusting American families into financial hardship.

Families that had $1,000 monthly premiums were suddenly faced with bills two or three times that. Single policyholders saw their premiums go up several hundred dollars while their coverage actually decreased.

And if you didn’t pay up, you were fined when it came time to pay your taxes.

Feinstein Got It Wrong

Sen. Feinstein is using the threat of lack of insurance for those with pre-existing conditions to scare the bejesus of out of people. But the fact is, Feinstein is getting it all wrong.

President Trump has gone on record several times to say Republicans are working on legislation that will keep coverage for pre-existing conditions intact.

Trump does not want to take health care away from people; he wants to make it better and more affordable.

This is what Obama promised, but did not deliver.

What Trump does not want, however, is the federal government to control your health care. To him, if you want better than normal coverage, you should have that option.

That is not what Democrats want, though. If they had their way, the government would control every aspect of our lives, including what type of care we receive.

Feinstein is claiming that “millions of Americans would be harmed if the administration has its way,” but that is simply not true.

With a bit of research, it becomes crystal clear who is actually out to hurt the American people — and it isn’t Republicans.

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