Dianne Feinstein gives daughter power over her financial decisions

August 4, 2023
World Net Daily

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Dianne Feinstein has had a rugged few months. She endured a shingles infection, with brain inflammation as a complication, and only recently returned to her seat in the U.S. Senate.

Now reports confirm she expressed confusion as to why Kamala Harris was presiding over the body, to cast a tiebreaking vote.

She's also argued with reporters asking about her return, insisting, despite her months-long absence, "I've been here. I've been voting. … Please. You either know or don't know."

The Daily Mail commented, "Now, there is more concern for Feinstein, whose physical and mental capacity has deteriorated in recent years after she appeared to forget that she had been absent the past two and a half months."

She was described, when she first returned, as a "barely reanimated corpse."

Now the New York Post is reporting an alarming new development: Feinstein has given her daughter power of attorney "even as she continues to serve in Congress at the age of 90, according to a report."

"The Democratic senator — who is the oldest member of Congress — has faced calls to resign after health complications kept her away from the Capitol for months earlier this year. Since returning to Washington DC, she has appeared frail and has had a number of public mental lapses," the report said.

It explained Katherine Feinstein, 66, now holds the power of attorney for her mother, "in part to help handle legal battles over her late husband Richard Blum’s estate, the New York Times reported on Thursday."

Katherine Feinstein is at odds with three of Blum's daughters over ownership of a luxury beach house, over Blum's life insurance, and more, the report said.

Feinstein, 90 and in the Senate for three decades, now says she won't seek re-election in 2024.

Most recently, she "had to be prompted several times by a colleague to say 'aye' when it was her turn to cast her vote."

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