Biden’s DHS is moving ‘full speed ahead’ with plans to end Title 42 policy on border

A federal judge ruled last month that Title 42, a pandemic-related public health order that allowed for the immediate expulsion of illegal migrants at the border, was unlawful and must be lifted by Dec. 21.

Now an unnamed official in President Joe Biden’s administration has said that the Department of Homeland Security intends to “charge full speed ahead” in planning for Title 42 to end on that specified date, Breitbart reported.

The public health order, first imposed in March 2020 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under then-President Donald Trump as a means to reduce the potential cross-border spread of the coronavirus, has essentially been the only border security policy from the prior administration that has continued to be enforced by the Biden administration amid a historic and unprecedented surge of illegal immigration.

Biden DHS “full speed ahead” on the end of Title 42

CBS News reported that U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan had ruled Title 42 invalid in November but at the request of the Biden administration, and with “great reluctance,” he issued a five-week delay to his own ruling and set a date of Dec. 21 for the policy to end in order to give the administration time to make the appropriate preparations.

The administration has filed an appeal of Sullivan’s ruling, though not with any intent or requests for Title 42 to be allowed to remain in place, but rather simply to preserve the underlying authority of the CDC to impose similar public health orders in the future.

In fact, an unnamed Biden administration official told CBS that DHS “continues to charge full speed ahead in preparing for Title 42 to lift on December 21.”

As for the odd appeal that doesn’t seek to reinstate the policy that had been ruled invalid, Axios reported that an unnamed Biden administration official told the outlet that the “CDC made a science-based determination that Title 42 is no longer necessary.”

However, Biden’s Justice Department still wants Judge Sullivan’s ruling overturned so it can be noted on the record that the “CDC was within its legal authority make such a determination — independent of any political influence.”

Few, if any, substantial preparations have been made

According to the CBS News report, Judge Sullivan had granted the Biden DOJ’s request for a brief delay of his ruling in order to allow sufficient time for immigration officials to make the necessary preparations for the end of the Title 42 policy that was successful in at least partially stemming the record-level surge of illegal migration at the southern border.

It is widely expected that, in the absence of Title 42, the numbers of migrants seeking to illegally cross the border will increase substantially, and that same CBS report noted that the Biden administration says that it plans to bolster the number of agents and resources at the southern border and will increase normal deportations and expulsions in response to the anticipated surge.

However, a separate report from Breitbart last week cited a “senior source” within Customs and Border Protection as revealing that Biden’s DHS had made no real “substantive planning” or preparations for the imminent increase to the already high number of migrants seeking illegal entry or to game the system with baseless requests for asylum.

Instead, the source indicated that it has fallen to U.S. Border Patrol sector leaders to try to find additional space for detainees in the local communities or with non-governmental organizations within their sectors, only to find that such resources are already tapped and stretched thin.

Flood of migrants about to cross the southern border

In the meantime, it has already become apparent that potentially tens of thousands of migrants are simply waiting in Mexico in various camps in close proximity to the border for Title 42 to be lifted before attempting to gain entry to the U.S.

Breitbart noted that even some Biden administration officials had previously predicted that upwards of half a million new migrants, if not even more than that, could arrive at the southern border every month for the foreseeable future once Title 42 is no longer in place.

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