Devon archer says Biden is lying about his involvement in his son's business dealings

August 6, 2023
Robert Ayers

Devon Archer just declared that President Joe Biden's claim that he had no knowledge or involvement in Hunter Biden's questionable international business dealings is "categorically false." 

Archer said as much during a recent interview that he did with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson. The interview was published in two parts, part one and part two, on Carlson's X account.

For those unfamiliar with Archer, he is the former business associate of Hunter Biden. As such, he has first-hand information about what kind of business Hunter Biden was up to and how Hunter Biden went about that business.

Archer initially made headlines last week for the testimony that he provided to House Oversight Committee members.


The transcript of Archer's testimony, which took place behind closed doors, was recently released, and it includes several damning pieces of information.

One of the most damning pieces of information to come from it is that Hunter Biden, on roughly 20 occasions that Archer can recall, put his father Joe Biden on the phone during business meetings.

Many are arguing that this proves that Hunter Biden's business was essentially to sell access to his father, the vice president of the United States. And, many are further arguing that this proves that Joe Biden - contrary to what he has claimed - was not only aware of what his son was up to but participated in it.

Nonetheless, Biden and the Democrats have still tried to claim that Biden had no knowledge or involvement in his son's business dealings. They have tried to spin Archer's testimony in such a way as to support this statement.

But, Archer, during his interview with Carlson, clarified things once and for all.

"Categorically false"

Archer told Carlson that it is "categorically false" that Joe Biden did not know what his son was up to.

Carlson asked Archer, "Joe Biden had no role whatsoever in his son’s business or knowledge of it, right? That seems false."

Archer agreed, saying, "I think that’s categorically false. I think that’s not factually right."

Archer went on to say, "I think he was aware of Hunter’s business. He met with Hunter’s business partners. I mean, you found a letter that he wrote to me."

Hopefully, this will finally put an end to any notion that Joe Biden did not have knowledge of his son's business dealings. But, this is probably wishful thinking. As long as the mainstream media continues to cover for Biden and the Democrats, Biden will continue to get away with the playing dumb routine.

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