Busted: Devin Nunes slams Comey for illegally keeping mislabeled ‘secret’ memo at his house

Former FBI Director James Comey may very well be in legal trouble.

FBI documents show that in June 2017, Comey had a classified document in his house that GOP Rep. Devin Nunes (CA) says should never have been there. 

Pending further details, Comey could face criminal charges.

Uncovered documents

Congress has been busy digging through FBI files in the aftermath of Robert Mueller’s investigation. And with increased scrutiny, the dirty details are coming to light.

According to a report from The Washington Examiner, the document in question was mislabeled as “secret” and barred from view by foreign nationals (“NOFORN”), when it should have been labeled as “classified.”

However, according to Nunes, even something marked as “SECRET//NOFORN” should never have left a “controlled area.”

“The whole idea that you can take something that is marked ‘Secret//No Foreign’ and then just decide on your own to take that out of the SCIF, so out of a controlled area, and not handled properly and take to someone’s house, or a university or wherever these memos went to — you just can’t do that,” Nunes told Fox News.

Serious security risk

But it gets worse. The classified memo was reportedly in Comey’s possession well after he was fired; according to Fox News, FBI agents didn’t collect the document until a month later.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Comey says two memos that he was supposed to turn over were missing.

All these violations have led to an investigation by the Justice Department’s inspector general, who is in the process of determining what classified information may have contained in those memos.

Depending on what they find, Comey could be in some serious trouble.

This kind of reckless behavior is not OK — and it’s time someone held the former FBI director accountable.

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